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Founded in 1955, Adega de Borba was the first of a series of wineries settled in the Alentejo region, promoted and helped by the “Junta Nacional do Vinho”, a public organisation that controlled and supervised the wine production in Portugal at a time when wine production didn’t carry much weight in the economy of the region. In fact if it weren’t for this promotion carried out by a state organisation which allowed the creation of a commercial and productive organisation for the Alentejo wines, the vine culture would have disappeared from this region, as all the incentives at that time were allocated to the production of cereals. The Alentejo as Portugal’s “barn” was an idea that was already implemented in people’s minds back then.

After 3 decades of resistance, in which only the great value of the grape varieties and the exquisite natural conditions allowed to sustain the production of wines in the Alentejo, it was the 80′s, the time when the potential of the region was evaluated and confirmed by the consumer.



Creating a wine is an art that we have been perfecting for centuries.  Rarely is a good wine the result of chance. My experience as winemaker has taught me that a wine reflects the nature of the earth from which it is born and of those who produce it.  Creating a wine is an art that we have been perfecting in Portugal for centuries, nowadays reinforced by systematic, documented knowledge and improved methods.  Skill, experience and technology enable us to improve, with a high level of precision, the different factors that influence the personality of a wine.

For me, helping Portugal´s natural potential in this area to shine by creating and reinventing each wine is a passion that I now have the pleasure of introducing to you and sharing with you in each wine that I make.



 Quinta do Mondego is a Family Owned Estate and one of the most important vineyards of the Dao region of Portugal. The vineyards of Quinta do Mondego flourish in an idyllic setting on the banks of the river that names the estate – MONDEGO, which result in elegant and traditional wines that embrace the Terroir



The wines of CARMIM have already been distinguished by over two hundred and fifty prizes in various national and international tenders. Recently, the Monsaraz Sparkling Wine, one of the company’s newest products, was awarded the National Prize for Beverages and Food Packaging 2007, attributed by the Alimentaria Lisboa 2007 for its inclusion of Braille on the label.

CARMIM - Cooperativa Agrícola de Reguengos de Monsaraz - was created in 1971 by a group of 60 wine-growers aiming to produce and sell their wine.  Presently with around 850 members and 3,600 hectares of vineyard, CARMIM wines have became known for their excellence and lead the domestic market in the quality wine segment.

CARMIM produces 74 wine references: from whites to reds, young and reserve, liqueur, rosé and sparkling wines.  CARMIM's wines have been awarded with more than 600 awards in various national and international competitions.


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